Technical Support Policy
Effective April 7, 2008

1. Free Installation Support By Email

1a. OPTIMUM Runtime Systems are legendary for their ease of installation and out-of-the-box stability. Even so, sometimes issues arise, and users can be confident that we offer FREE installation support by email for first-time installs.

1b. Please include the OPTIMUM End User name or System Serial Number in any request for support. We cannot respond to Support Requests for unknown or unidentifiable systems.

1c. While we try to service incoming support email continuously, it may take a day or two to receive a reply to an emailed request for support. There is no guaranteed turnaround time. Your system must be capable of a viable Internet connection to the OPTIMUM Registration Server for installation and registration to succeed. If we are unable to get your OPTIMUM Runtime System installed within 14 days, we will refund your OPTIMUM license fee.

2. Other Support

2a. All support, other than that related to the original system installation, is provided in the form of "Technical Support Incidents". For example, if you ask for support for any of the following tasks or topics, a support incident charge will apply:

* OPTIMUM issues not related to original system installation (for example, re-installation),
* issues with application software built to use OPTIMUM
* programming in the form language
* form language capabilities and statements
* statement operation and parameter syntax
* form language program design
* database design
* potential system bugs
* subsequent installation, re-installation, registering or re-registering for any reason (e.g. user error, dealer error, lack of backup, new hardware, etc (1))
* debugging application code or investigating behavior caused by the undocumented or unintended use of features
* file repair
* data extraction or conversion to another format

2b. We use PayPal to collect for all charged Support Incidents. Once a system has been initially registered and is up-and-running, the FREE installation support period is complete. Any system for which chargeable support incidents remain unpaid cannot be renewed. Successful resolution of issues opened under a Support Incident require participation by the End User. Support Incidents that become "idle" without a user response or reply after 10 days will be closed and billed as completed.

(1) A signed "Affidavit of Destruction" will be required before re-registration; whereupon the original OPTIMUM serial number will be obsoleted.

3. Bug Reports

3a. We encourage bug reports. Bug reports must be submitted by email and MUST include the following information:

* the version of components involved (WFORM, WSELECT, WOPTIMUM, and so on)
* screen prints and technical information regarding any exception errors or crashes seen
* the operating system environment being used (version and service packs, if any)
* source and object code to the failing form (and those needed to reproduce the failure)
* dictionaries and data files needed to reproduce the failure
* instructions for reproducing the failure

3b. All Bug Reports start as a Technical Support Incident. If we confirm the existence of a bug through analysis of your submission, you will not be charged. When possible, we will supply you with a circumvention or an estimate of the availability of a correction within OPTIMUM. If you require immediate analysis of your submission you will be charged a Technical Support Incident fee regardless of whether our analysis indicates a potential bug. (We are happy to help you with any OPTIMUM-related problem, but if you ask us to set aside other work in order to do yours, please be prepared to pay for it.) Otherwise, we will review your bug submission and investigate your issue as time permits; we do not guarantee the turnaround time.

No support incident charge ever applies to a valid bug submission (note the earlier caveat regarding the undocumented use of features). We cannot guarantee a correction timeframe, or that a correction will ever be made when, in our view, a reasonable circumvention is available.

3c. If the problem submitted is not a bug, but rather an issue with application code, operating system environment or other third-party software, operator usage, you will be charged for a support incident.

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