FAQ for Re-Installing, Migrating, or Re-Registering Your OPTIMUM System

What are the basic steps for re-loading or re-installing my OPTIMUM system?

If you are upgrading your computer or moving your OPTIMUM system to a new server, here are FIVE SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. Find your OPTIMUM serial number. Run your normal application or launch OPTIMUM System Maintenance with the SYSMNT user ID. From the menu at the top, select OPTIMUM / About the OPTIMUM Form Processor. A dialog box will appear and there will be a six digit serial number half-way down in the center.

  2. Contact OPTIMUM Software Corporation either by phone at 303.698.2873 (or by email at support@optimumsoft.com) so that we know what you are doing. Your system communicates frequently with the OPTIMUM Update Server and we need to make sure the server knows what's going on. We may ask you to execute and send an "Affidavit of Destruction" (located here).

  3. Make a backup of the existing OPTIMUM folder. Be sure that all other workstations running OPTIMUM are closed down BEFORE you start and that you make a copy of ALL the files in the folder INCLUDING files marked system and hidden. This is important!

  4. Restore the backup to its new home on a new machine, new server, new hard drive, etc. Normally, the operating folder name is C:\OPTIMUM. If you're going to use a different operating folder name when you restore the system, please tell us.

  5. Re-activate your software over the Internet. Make sure you have a working Internet connection on the new machine or server.
    Press Start / Run and enter this command to re-enable the software in its new home (this ONLY works AFTER you've contacted us):

    C:\OPTIMUM\WOPTUWIZ.EXE VISIBLE OPTSN=your six-digit OPTIMUM serial number

    (If your folder name is different, use it's name here instead of C:\OPTIMUM.) This will launch the OPTIMUM Update Wizard. It will "phone home" and re-enable your system.

Does it cost money?

If you make and restore a backup of an already-registered OPTIMUM system in the manner described above, there is no charge. If only a few months remains on the license before it expires, we will recommend that you extend the license but that's up to you.

I don't have a backup or I can't make one?

We're not going to lecture you about making backups, but seriously? If you don't have a backup, your OPTIMUM system will have to be reloaded from scratch and re-registered. Contact OPTIMUM Software Corporation at 303.698.2873 (or by email at support@optimumsoft.com). Tell us who you are and what you're doing. There is a Technical Support Incident fee that must be pre-paid using PayPal before we will configure the server to regenerate your registration. If fewer than six months remain on the license, you have the option of paying our TSI fee or extending the license for a new year, starting today.

Please note that we cannot help you reload anything but OPTIMUM. You probably had an application you were running on OPTIMUM but you will need to contact the people it came from once the system is up again. We can't help you get your data back. Maybe they can, or maybe you'll be starting over.

I restored a backup but there are no system/hidden registration files?

Contact us and we will walk you through a re-registration. There will be a Technical Support Incident fee but at least you'll have your application back with your data!

I purchased a company or "inherited" the software from a previous business? Or I need to change the entity name that shows at the top of the screen?

All End Users must have their own unique license to the OPTIMUM Software. Generally speaking, this license is non-transferable. Having said that, we want to help you use our software so here is what will probably happen (only when you contact us):

We will ask for an Affidavit of Destruction and we will cancel the existing serial number.

We will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount of a new license including a credit for any months that remain on the license for the old serial number. (We issue licenses for one or two years at a time.) You may pay this invoice immediately with a credit card and we will configure the server to regenerate your registration, under a new name if you so desire.

I pay my application dealer money that includes OPTIMUM license fees?

You may or you may not. We don't know, that's between you and your application dealer. In any case, we look to you to pay for new annual license fees or Technical Support Incident fees we may charge in order to re-install, migrate, or re-register your OPTIMUM software. We will send you the bill; how you pay it, or who pays it, is your business. We are not able to bill a third party for something you order. Billings for this support must be paid before work is performed.

Similarly, your application dealer may or may not arrange license extensions for your OPTIMUM system automatically as part of money you pay to them. Again, that's between you and your application dealer. You are not required to pay anyone else for anything in order to use our software; but you may be required to pay someone else in order to use their software.

I'm getting warning messages that my OPTIMUM system is going to expire?

If you receive warning messages that your OPTIMUM system is nearing expiration, you can contact your application dealer or you can contact us. If you contact us, we bill you directly and renew your license when we receive payment. OPTIMUM tries to warn you of an upcoming expirations at 90, 60, and 30 days out, and on the day before expiration. If you do nothing, the system will not work past the expiration date. (Believe it!)

Read the OPTIMUM End User Agreement for more information about the license terms and conditions.

Read our Support Policy for more information about technical support for your OPTIMUM products.

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